Aging in Eternity?


In the Left Behind series when the mother and son were raptured they made it seem that the boy had changed to become a man by the time the family was re-united in the Millennium. Will we all be around thirty ? Where did the authors get this idea and why would we all be about that age if it is true? Will children automatically be grown or will they age over the years in heaven or what? And the elderly will they be young again with no age lines or wrinkles? What does the bible say on this subject or does it even mention it?


The Bible is silent on these matters. The idea that we would all be around 30 years old is simply a human tradition. I think it’s based on John’s comment that when we see the Lord in the rapture/resurrection we’ll be like He is (1 John 3:2) Personally, I don’t believe John was talking about the Lord’s age there, but the fact is that no one on Earth knows the answers to these questions, nor will we until after the Rapture.