Al Mahdi And The Anti-Christ


I am convinced that the anti-Christ is coming through the Muslim nation. I believe that Europe will be too weak to produce a man that the world will see as an effective leader who will be able to solve the worlds problems. The Muslim terrorists seem to send one group after another intent on destroying any one or thing in their paths to world domination. The Islam Mahdi will bring justice (their type of justice) to the world according to their religion. What are the chances that the Mahdi is the anti-Christ?


I’ve mentioned the amazing similarities between Christian prophecies of the anti-Christ and Shiite Muslim prophecies of al-Mahdi numerous times since I first learned about them over eight years ago. Both are said to come on the scene during a time of chaos promising to restore peace. Both will enforce a one world religion and a one world government. Both will achieve world dominance and reign for seven years after which the world will be judged. One meaning of the name “al-Mahdi” is “the redeemer”. It’s like the two prophecies are describing the same person.