Al Mahdi And The Pale Horse


It seemed to me that the Mahdi had been sighted in Egypt during the riots. Some referred to it as the pale rider of the apocalypse, but I believe it was a sighting of the Mahdi–whether real or contrived, I cannot say. There are many reports of interesting phenomenon appearing (lying signs and wonders?) in the times we are living in. I think something “big” is about to happen in the Middle East.


I agree it looks like something is going to happen in the Middle East, but it’s too soon to tell just what that will be.

There are three big things to remember about the about the four horsemen. 1) they’re symbolic of something else and are not real horsemen. 2) They are sequential. The pale horse is the last of the four, and by the time “he” arrives there will be massive loss of life from wars, famine, and pestilence in 1/4 of the world. 3) None of the horsemen appear until after the rapture at the beginning of Daniel’s 70 th week.

That means the Church will be gone, Ezekiel 38 will be over and Israel will be back in an Old Testament relationship with God. I saw the green thing on the video and have no idea what it is. But it’s not the 4th Horseman. By the way, if al Mahdi is on any horse I think it will be the white one, not the green one. He’s the Moslem version of the anti-Christ.