Ezekiel’s Battle And The Red Horse Of Rev. 6


I recently heard a Bible teacher I respect say that Ezekiel’s battle is the same as the second seal judgment (the red horse). I know you’ve said that you think the Ezekiel battle will come before the tribulation because the Jewish people need a cause to return to old covenant worship. Other than that, is there a specific reason the second seal judgment and the battle in Ezekiel couldn’t be the same thing?


I don’t think Daniel’s 70th week can start until after Ezekiel’s battle, and I believe the seal judgments come in the early days of the 70th week.

The 2nd Seal (red horse) judgment is a general statement that peace will be taken from the Earth as the anti-Christ begins his conquest. (Rev. 6:3-4) I believe the anti-Christ first comes to power on a promise of peace that includes giving the Jews authority to build their Temple (Daniel 8:25 & 9:27).

Since the Jews won’t want a Temple until after Ezekiel’s battle, it seems to me his rise to prominence has to follow Ezekiel’s battle when the world will be desperate for peace. After he’s gotten things quieted down, he’ll begin his time of conquest in the name of enforcing the peace. (1 Thes. 5:2-3) That’s when the 2nd Seal will be opened.