The Pale Horse Of Rev. 6


The more I read your responses to our questions the more I realize that it is of the One and Only (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) !

My question; Sometime back one of the Christian stations had a scholar that is learned in the ways of Islam. He is a Christian now and believe that he fears the Lord. He brought up the Greek word “chlorous” from Rev. 6:8. It always means green except there. Why is it that in Rev. 6 it is translated as “pale” which does seem not to fit.

He says that the 4 horsemen actually represents 4 reigns through out the ages and not plagues and that the word green actually means the endtime movement of Hamas, for “green” is their domineering color. Could it be that their is something to this? Somehow, could their be something more concerning the 4 horsemen that has been hidden until this age? If this is wrong thinking or interpitation I do want to know, I too fear the Lord and am scared at times of being led astray.


There are a couple of former followers of Islam who seem to have become Bible prophecy scholars almost overnight. They regularly come up with new interpretations of Scripture that in my opinion are more revealing of their anti-Islam bias than their Biblical scholarship. I have reviewed some of their “new” interpretations and personally find them to be without merit. For this reason, I am very skeptical of their views.

The Greek word chloros appears four times in the New Testament and is translated green in three of them, but in each case, it refers to grass, plants, or trees. It comes from a root meaning “green herb”. It is not used to denote the color green in the general sense. This is probably why the secondary meaning of pale (literally yellowish pale) was used in referring to a horse.