The Rainbow And The White Horse


I was listening to your commentary on Rev6 the other day and it was very cool (as usual). One thing maybe you could help me with. You mentioned that the “bow” of the white rider didnt have arrows. I find out in the Greek that this bow is actually translated/literated as “shooter” and is the only occurence of this word in the NT. It has been suggested that this bow is the “covenent confirmed with the many”. I can understand this to be so.

In Genesis, God’s rainbow is a covenant with the earth and man. A “bow of/with the rain” as it were Question: is there any grammatical corroboration in either Greek or Hebrew that can definitively connect the idea of “bow” with a “covenant” and not just a weapon?


Re: Rev. 6:2. I don’t see the bow, which is a shooter of arrows, as a representation of the covenant that begins Daniel’s 70th Week. I see it as just it says, a bow.

And in Genesis 9:8-16 the rainbow is a visible sign of God’s covenant not to destroy the Earth by water again. Since it had never rained on Earth before the flood, you can imagine that any time it rained afterward people would be terrified. So the rainbow was not the covenant, it was a reminder that the covenant exists.