The Red Horse War


Re: Ezekiel 38 And The Rapture. Your recent post placing the rapture no later than the conclusion of Ezekiel 38, based on Romans 11:25, has changed my thinking. But what I can’t figure out is, if it happens as you say, what war will the Red Horse rider bring? Or does that mean there is only one war (Armageddon) during the 70th week, since Psalm 83 precedes Ezekiel?


The rider on the red horse will have the power to take peace from the Earth (Rev. 6:4). This will begin the anti-Christ’s efforts to subdue the whole world, which will cause wars and their consequences in various parts of the world throughout the entire 70th Week of Daniel. It will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon, the unsuccessful attempt to prevent the Lord’s return.