Already Experienced The 5th Trumpet Judgment?


I read an opinion that we have already experienced the first five trumpets and are awaiting the sixth which will bring about the Rapture. This person believes the timeline follows proper interpretation of Daniel 11 and understanding the trumpets. He says he is pre trib but delineates from regular views.Have you heard or read anything about this?


This person can’t be a pre-trib believer because the pre-trib rapture view places the rapture before any of the end times judgments begin. Placing the rapture near the end of the trumpet judgments makes him a mid-trib believer.

According to a literal reading of Revelation, if we’ve already experienced the first 5 trumpets, that would mean we’ve also experienced all of the seal judgments, which would mean Daniel’s 70th week would be nearly half over. For that to be the case the anti-Christ would have to be a public figure and getting ready to claim that he’s God, there would have to be a functioning Temple in Israel, much of the world would be at war, and somewhere 1/4th and 1/3rd of the population would have to have died from the effects of the preceding judgments. I don’t think that’s the case.