The Rapture And The Trumpet


The trumpet which will be sounded at the rapture, is it a trumpet sound like an instrument in a band or is it a shofar sound? Also when we hear the trumpet sound will non-believers hear something in the sky that is not a trumpet sound? Will it be like maybe thunder or something? When the trumpet does sound will those who are in Christ hear this even if they are sleeping? Some do sleep very soundly and don’t hear a thing. Thank you and God Bless You.


The original language of 1 Thes. 4:16-17 doesn’t say what kind of trumpet it is, but in Hebrews 12:19 the writer used the same word to describe the trumpet of God in Exodus 19:16. Many scholars believe it will be a shofar. I don’t know what unbelievers will hear, if anything. But for believers, I can assure you that the trumpet of God is very loud. In Exodus 19:16 it was so loud it made everyone tremble and Exodus 19:19 says it kept getting louder. No one who’s being called up in the rapture will sleep through the call.