Seventh Trumpet Rapture?


I am a Born Again Christian and believe in the pre-trib rapture. There is a popular TV preacher, who preaches that Revelation 11 is the Rapture. He says that we who believe pre-trib are believing a lie This is not true. Can you please explain what Revelation 11 means.


I assume you’re referring to Rev. 11:15-19 which describes the blowing of the 7th Trumpet in Heaven. It’s purpose is to help announce to the heavenly host that the Lord is entering the final phase of making the Kingdom of this world His own. In heaven when He says something, it’s as good as done, but on Earth it will take 3 1/2 years to complete His judgments and defeat Satan and his forces. This period is known to us as the Great Tribulation. When it’s over Satan will be defeated and the Lord will be King of the whole Earth, but in the meantime the people of Earth will experience the most devastating period of time in human history (Matt. 24:21).

People who place the rapture here are improperly equating the seventh trumpet of Rev. 11:15 with the last trumpet of 1 Cor. 15:52 which Paul called the trumpet call of God in 1 Thes. 4:16. The purpose of this trumpet will be to call up the church on earth to meet the Lord in the air.

The seventh Trumpet is never referred to as either the last trumpet or the trumpet call of God. It will be blown by an angel in Heaven for the benefit of the heavenly host and will not be calling anyone on earth to anything.