The Trumpet Of God?


I’m having difficulty verifying the mention of the Trumpet of God in Exodus 19. The only place I can find the phrase ‘trumpet of God’ is I Thes. 4. In Ex. 19, I see a ‘very loud trumpet blast’ in v. 16, and a ‘the sound of the trumpet’, in v. 19. Am I missing the ‘trumpet of God’? Is that in the Hebrew instead of the English?


You have to put a couple of details together to conclude that the Trumpet in Exodus 19 is the Trumpet of God. First, Exodus 19 doesn’t mention anyone on Earth blowing the trumpet. Second it only mentions God descending to the top of Mt. Sinai. So if the sound of the trumpet is coming from where God is and if He’s the only one there, then it must be the trumpet of God. Finally, the first time the trumpet is mentioned (Ex. 19:13) the Hebrew text contains a word that’s only translated trumpet in this verse. Normally either “terah”, as in Yom Terah (Feast of Trumpets) or shofar, as in ram’s horn, would be used. But in this verse we find a word that usually means jubilee. Put it all together and you have a good circumstantial case for the trumpet of Exodus 19 being the Trumpet of God.