Am I Being Called?


How do you know if you’re “being called” ? I understand that we are all called to be a light in the world and let the Holy Spirit shine through us as we go about our daily lives. However, there are those (like you for instance) who somehow come to a place in their lives where it’s obvious that the Lord wants them to minister to others in a more “official” capacity.

I have been struggling with this more and more lately, which makes me think, “Is the fact that I’m struggling, a sign that I’m being called”? I have not received a clear and undeniable “word from the Lord” that I am aware of… it’s more of a thought that just seems to hang around but never really leaves.


I would ask the Lord to make this abundantly clear, either through confirmation by a believer who has no way of knowing what’s on your heart, or by a sign similar to your salvation experience. Read Romans 12:1-2 and re-dedicate your life to the Lord to do with as He will. If He wants you in full time ministry, he’ll make it clear to you.

If you don’t get an answer right away, take advantage of any ministry opportunities that come your way, always straining to hear His voice as you do. This will also help you be more certain of the kind of ministry you feel most comfortable in. I received some good advice some years ago from a person I have a great regard for. He said, “When considering ministry opportunities, look for one where it’s obvious that the Lord is already working and then pitch in.”