An American Anti-Christ?


This may seem to be a weird thought and question but I think Barak Obama might be the anti-Christ. He could be very well liked by whites, blacks, Muslim, Israel, etc. Do you have any thoughts on this? Has anyone else asked the question?


I’ve been asked this question dozens of times and have always declined to answer. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone in the Church Age to know the anti-Christ’s identity because he doesn’t officially come on the scene until the Church is gone and can no longer warn the world about him.

I also have trouble believing that he could be the anti-Christ because I don’t believe that America has any recognizable role to play in the End Times Scenario. It seems more likely to me that the anti-Christ will come from either Europe or a middle eastern Islamic country, both of which are part of the old Roman Empire. I’m leaning toward Islam.