An Army Of Nephilim?


Your article on the Nephilim is very fascinating and something I didn’t know much about prior to reading it. I know this question is obviously speculative, but do you believe that Satan might build the anti-Christ an army composed of Nephilim? Is their resurgence possibly taking place already today and are they already beginning to populate the world like they did during the time of Noah?

As a Christian, I’ve always wondered how to explain UFO’s and alien abductions, etc. I don’t believe in life on other planets. But, as you’ve said, there is too much evidence for UFO’s to dismiss it as imagination. Are aliens actually fallen angels? Also, it seems like they have an interest in reproductive organs whenever they abduct people. What do we do with all of this controversial “stuff?” Thank you so much for all that you do! God has blessed you with awesome wisdom and discernment when it comes to scripture!


There is an obscure reference in Daniel 2:43 that someone “shall mingle themselves with the seed of men” in the End Times. And in Matt. 24:37 Jesus said that the time of His 2nd Coming would resemble the days of Noah. Some have interpreted this to mean that the Nephilim of pre-flood days will appear on Earth again. Speculation that this race is already visiting us in UFO’s and that they’re once again tinkering with the human gene pool is popular among those who follow this train of thought.

These matters are of interest to us as Christians because the Bible hints of them, but they shouldn’t cause us any concern. And there’s certainly no basis for building doctrine around them.