The Lord’s Army?


Is the Body of Christ, the Church, anywhere in Scripture, referred to as His army? This claim, based on Hebrews 10:5 as the reference, according to this source, has a double meaning, the first one being that God prepared a body for Jesus as the ultimate and final sacrifice for sin. This ministry takes this further and says that also means God is preparing an army from the Church which has become His Body. This person refers to this Scripture’s meaning as multiple layers, like an onion, with more than one layer of meaning. This seems not right to me. We are His Church, His Body, His Bride. But His Army?


I haven’t found anything in Scripture to confirm the interpretation of Hebrews 10:5 that the Church will be the Lord’s army. Nor have I found anyplace where the Church is described as such. The armies of heaven who are accompanying the Lord in Rev. 19:14 are angelic warriors.