And The Angels Sang


Do we hear the angels sing? The reason I ask is that for sometime now I have heard singing, (very soft) in my house. My TV is off and my music is off. When I have heard this, I have looked to see if I had left the radio on and have checked my cell phone too! I never thought anything of it until my friend of many years asked me if I hear “singing” in my house. He told me he has heard this quiet & soft singing in his house. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


I’ve never heard unexplained singing in my house, but I’m convinced I did hear angels singing once. I was leading a tour in Israel and we were in the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem. It’s right next to the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus healed a paralytic (John 5:1-15) and is noted for its acoustical properties. Many Christian tour groups go there just to worship the Lord in song.

We listened while other groups sang around the altar and then it was our turn. After a singing couple of songs, we noticed we were suddenly alone in the Church. It was noon and everyone else had hurried out to beat the lunchtime rush. We decided to stay and sing one more worship song and then we left, too.

After we got back to the states one of our group played me a recording she had made of our visit to St. Anne’s. To my amazement, the last song sounded much better than the others. It was obvious there were many more voices than could be attributed to our group, and the quality of these voices far exceeded any of ours as well, and yet we were alone when we sang that song. The only way we could explain this is that a chorus of angels had joined us for the last song. It was an amazing discovery that touched us deeply.