Do Angels Have Sex In Heaven?


I just finished reading your article about ‘fallen angels’ and it brings to my mind a question about Jesus’ teaching about marriage. Jesus’ said that there would be no marriage in Heaven and I’m content with that. My question is, given that these fallen angels had sex with earthly women, do you think that at least angels engage in sex in heaven?


The Bible does not give us any detail on the lives of angels. But we can infer some things about this. From Matt. 22:30 we know angels neither marry nor are given in marriage. We also know that sex between humans is reserved for marriage, and that angels were imprisoned to await judgment for taking on human form in order to marry human women (Genesis 6:1-2, Jude 1:6). Why would they risk such a fate in order to have a sexual relationship with an inferior being if such relationships were available with their own kind? Can you imagine someone wanting a sexual relationship so bad that if they could they would choose to become an animal so they could have sex with animals?