Angels, Cherubim, And Seraphim


I am curious about angels, cherubim, and seraphim. Are cherubim and seraphim a type of angel or are they a different creation? If they are the same type of entity, where does the Bible say that they are? Or do we find this information in extra-biblical writings (such as the Book of Enoch or Josephus). Angels seem to be described very different from cherubim, and I have searched in a concordance and cannot find a reference to seraphim. When angels are seen by humans, they usually have a human form, but the cherubs described in the Old Testament do not seem very humanlike. Cherubim are described with wings, but angels don’t seem to have wings.

When Stephen was being charged with blasphemy and was speaking to the council, Acts 6:15 says that they looked at him and “….saw his face as it had been the face of an angel”. I assume that this means glowing with the love of Christ. Ezekiel contains some very interesting descriptions of cherubim which would be very odd if Stephen’s face resembled them!


As you saw from your reading of Ezekiel 1, Cherubim are a very different creation from Angels. They’re called Seraphim in Isaiah 6, the only place the word appears. Their job is to guard the throne of God. Rev. 4 also gives a good description of Cherubim. Before his fall, Satan was in charge of them. (Ezek. 28:14)

On the other hand, angels, when they can be seen, generally appear in human form, sometimes a glorified form and sometimes a natural one.

I agree with your take the description of Stephen’s face in Acts 6:15