The Four Horsemen And The Four Cherubim


In Revelation 6 at the breaking of the first 4 seals the horsemen are ushered in by the living creatures (I can only assume they’re the same creatures from chapter 4) I have heard it taught that the animals the creatures resembled were symbolic of the tribes of Israel (specifically the 4 that camped to the immediate north, east, south and west of the tabernacle) If that’s not right, then I guess that blows my question right out of the water right there, but if that’s true, would there be any relevance to the relationship between the creature that calls out its specific horseman and that horseman’s “mission”? i.e. would there be a reason that the lion-type creature (Judah) would usher in Anti-christ?


One of the faces of the four cherubim was represented on each of the ensigns of the four camps of Israel. Each camp consisted of three tribes and was set up at one of the four points of the compass with the Tabernacle in the middle. Rather than the faces representing the tribes, the ensigns of the camps represented the faces.

This way when God looked down upon the camp of Israel, He saw a model of His throne (the Tabernacle)with the Cherubim (the four ensigns) in the center of His people, arrayed like a cross along the four points of the compass. I don’t believe there’s any symbolic relationship between the cherubim and the judgments they call forth.