Are The Four Horsemen Already Here?


I have always agreed with your interpretation of the Seal Judgments in Revelation, but lately I’m wondering if we may be seeing them opened, with what’s going on in the world as we read this. The rider on the white horse could be the rise of radical Islam, as it has all but taken over much of Europe, Asia, and Africa; the red horse, signifying war, is becoming apparent; the black horse, representing famine, is emerging with increasing global food shortages, riots, and starvation; the pale horse, signifying death by disease, is on the horizon, with the emergence of countless super-bugs, and plagues. But I ask myself: what of the Rapture? Is it possible that we may have misinterpreted scripture? I realize we could be just seeing a foretaste of what is to come, but I can’t help but wonder. I covet your thoughts, please.


Let me remind you of two things. First, the liberal use of personal pronouns in Rev. 6 indicates a personification of these riders. In other words, John was not just describing trends or events but also the people who cause them. For example, the rider on the white horse is thought by most to be the anti-Christ in his “peace maker” role as the 70th Week of Daniel begins.

Second, Jesus listed all the things that are happening in the world today as the beginning of birth pangs (Luke 21:11), meaning they’ll get progressively more intense as the end approaches. As bad as they may seem to us, things will be a whole lot worse after the church is gone. Remember fully one fourth of the earth will be affected by the warfare, famine, and plagues of the four horsemen.