Who Are The Four Horsemen?


There are 4 riders of chapter 6 – although I wish to understand what the horses represent, I am more interested in who the riders are. I understand the first rider to be the Antichrist, but who are the other 3 riders, since “he” is used of all of them?


The Book of Revelation is filled with symbolism, and the four horsemen of Rev. 6:1-8 are no exception. The first horseman is not an actual depiction of the anti-Christ, in that he probably won’t come on the world scene riding a white horse. Rather, it symbolizes him as a person who pretends to be a peacemaker while his real intent is conquest. (This was foretold in Daniel 8:25.)

The second horseman symbolizes the anti-Christ’s war of conquest. The third one symbolizes the runaway inflation that often accompanies war and drives food prices out of the reach of many. The fourth horseman symbolizes the death this war of conquest will cause.

So, the second, third, and fourth horsemen are all components of the first one. The same man will be responsible for all of it.