More On Angels Mating With Humans


Recently a subject came up about the sex of angels in our bible study. They said according to Jesus after we get to heaven we would be like the angels neither marrying or being given in marriage. This led them to say that angels are “sexless”. However in Genesis we see the fallen angels comingling with humans with the Nephlim resulting. Any angel in scripture has a male name, so is there an answer?


The idea that since angels don’t marry they are are sexless, and therefore when we’re in heaven we’ll be sexless because we won’t be marrying is merely a human assumption. The truth is we just don’t know.

We do know that Genesis 6:1-4 clearly describes angels (sons of God) and humans (daughters of men) intermarrying and having offspring called nephilim. So the question is, how did they do that? In Jude 1:6 we get the answer. It says these angels kept not their first estate (the Greek word means beginning or origin) and left their own habitation (this Greek word refers to the dwelling place of their spirit). It means these angels ceased being the entity they originally were created to be and became a different entity.

Putting 2 and 2 together we can see that they left their heavenly bodies and took on human bodies, something angels have the capability of doing in order to become visible to mankind.

(In Judges 13 the parents of Samson repeatedly referred to the angel of the Lord as a “man of God”. Hebrew 13:2 tells us some people who have been kind to strangers have actually entertained angels without knowing it.)

Having human bodies gave them the ability to have sex with human women. This was an act that so angered the Lord that He rounded them up and put them in chains to be held for judgment (Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4).