How Can Angels And Humans Have Children?


I found your site by accident, and I’m glad I did since you address questions about Nephilim. One questioner asked how angels and humans could have sexual relations, which has been my question, i.e. how angels can produce sperm.

Your answer was that they assumed human form to do so. I can see how that could happen, but it would seem that the genetic DNA transferred from such a union would be as human as the form they assumed (or possessed). Neither case would seem to allow the transfer of angelic DNA – and indeed there is no such thing. Right?

I’m still not understanding how they transferred their angelic/demonic physical, emotional, and spiritual traits by assuming human form to have coitus. I am a true seeker, and I agree that the Sons of God are angels; but how did they physically transfer the corrupted angelic traits to humans via coitus? I don’t get it.

Thank you very much for answering my question.


Not being a medical person, I’m not qualified to answer your question from the physiological standpoint. (As I think of it, I’m not sure anyone is.) All I know is that in Genesis 6:4 the Bible clearly states that angels married human women and had children that the Bible calls Nephilim, or fallen ones. And it also hints that these angels assumed human form to do so. (Jude 6)

These children had supernatural abilities and from what little historical information we can gather might have just about taken over the whole world.

Extra biblical sources like the Book of Enoch tell of Satan manipulating both human and animal gene pools back then so perhaps the answer to your question has a supernatural component.