Angels With Women? How Can This Be?


I love your insights, I am continually blessed by your gift of teaching, recommending your site repeatedly to friends.

A quick follow up question for you on Nephilim:
I realize the literal interpretation of Scripture supports the idea of angels and women having sexual relations resulting in the Nephilim, but this is very difficult for me personally to understand.

If angels are spiritual beings, who neither marry nor are given in marriage, how is it possible for them to engage in physical sexual intercourse with women and produce offspring? This would require the angels to have physical sexual organs, impregnating the woman with physical sperm containing physical chromosomes and DN


You’re correct. The literal interpretation of Genesis 6 supports the idea of angels and women having sexual relations.

According to Scripture, angels have the capacity for taking on human form, but are only permitted to do so in service to God and the Church.(Hebrews 1:14) Hebrews 13:2 even cautions us to be kind to strangers because we might be entertaining angels without knowing it.

The angels responsible for the Nephilim disobeyed God and took on human form as an act of rebellion against Him in order to destroy the human gene pool and prevent a redeemer from coming to save mankind. They’re sitting in darkness bound in chains awaiting punishment for this. (Jude 1:6)

Concerning the issue of God’s sovereignty, remember he also gave us sovereignty, the right to make our own decisions even if they condemn us. Same with the angels. Did God authorize these angels to take on human form to rebel against Him? No. In fact He specifically forbade them. But did He create them with the ability to disobey Him? Yes. Just like you and me.