Women In Politics


What is your biblical take on women in politics? I have heard Isaiah 3 quoted as a reason for not having women take political office. Then I’ve heard that this chapter of Isaiah took place in a theocracy and ours is a republic government which is much different and also a lot of talk on men not fulfilling their roles so women are moving in and taking them which will lead to that country being cursed by God. I’m just really confused over women being in politics. Any help in clearing this up would be appreciated.


I don’t think Isaiah 3:12 was intended as a general prohibition against either young people or women in politics. Josiah was only 8 years old when he became Judah’s King. At age 16 he led a national revival that restored their relationship with God, and by age 20 had repaired the Temple and destroyed all traces of paganism. Hezekiah was only 25 when he became King but was seen by the people as a model of the Messiah. Deborah was a judge of Israel, and Esther was a Jewish teenager who the Lord raised up to be the Queen of Persia in order to save the Jews from extinction. Priscilla was a leader in the early Church as was Lydia.

Isaiah 3:12 was an observation on the nature of Israel’s spiritual condition. Those who should have been leading were not and those who shouldn’t have been leading been were. The Lord was criticizing their irresponsibility in choosing immature and inexperienced leaders who did more harm than good. If we’re going to use the prophecies of Isaiah in our political commentary, it would be good to use them in their proper context.