Jealousy And Politics In The New Jerusalem?


Some thoughts came into my mind yesterday. If millions of raptured believers live in New Jerusalem, is it possible for human friction, jealousy and politics to abound in New Jerusalem. I was thinking particularly about the Bema rewards that our Lord will give each one of us at His Judgment Seat after the rapture. Will believers become unhappy or jealous because they received less rewards than others? Will believers play politics (just like office politics and even church politics on earth) when they work for the Lord throughout eternity. I know it sounds silly because there will be no sin in God’s special enclave, but I can’t imagine that a billion people living in New Jerusalem (presumably an enclosed space) will not have friction or start playing politics.


Not only will there be no sin in the New Jerusalem, but its inhabitants will no longer have a sin nature and will be totally submitted to God’s will. The negative emotions you mention are associated with a fallen people and will be a thing of the past. God hasn’t gone to all this trouble for us just to create another failed human society, especially one that has eternal life.