Another Dispensation, Follow Up


I surely do appreciate your site and you are on my list of people to meet once we get to Heaven. I was catching up on the questions this evening and read the one about “Another Dispensation?”. I was wondering, in light of Rev. 14:12, if God will literally “speak” to Tribulation believers. During the Dispensation of the Law God often spoke to people about their obedience to Him. During the Dispensation of Grace, the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Once we are raptured, and the Holy Spirit is taken “away” do you think God will again speak literally to those who become believers. I’m only asking because I’m curious, I am a believer and I won’t be here.


The Bible doesn’t tell us how God will communicate with Tribulation believers. His acts of judgment will certainly make His presence clear, but beyond that we just don’t know.