Another Dispensation?


I was reading a few chapters of (a book on prophecy) and if I understood well, the author seems to believe that the 7 year Tribulation (Daniel’s 70th Week) is another dispensation than the dispensation of Grace. I tend to agree with this myself. This would also fit well with your teaching that people may lose their salvation in the Tribulation, unless they “endure to the end”. Do you agree with this and if so, in what measure.


There are several interpretations of dispensational theology, and a few treat Daniel’s 70th week as a separate one. Personally I don’t see it that way.

I believe that with the death of Jesus the Dispensation of Law came to a pause, 7 years short of its completion, and the Dispensation of Grace began. When the Church is raptured, the dispensation of Grace will come to an end, making way for the last 7 years of the Dispensation of Law, This seven years is also called Daniel’s 70th week, or by some, the Tribulation period.

My view is supported by the fact that after the Church is gone, Israel will return to their former relationship with God, build a temple, reinstate the Levitical priesthood, and begin sacrificing animals again as they had done throughout the Dispensation of Law. In the middle of Daniel’s 70th Week the temple will be made desolate and the sacrifices will cease (Daniel 9:27). After the end of the 70th Week, the Lord will return, marking the beginning of the Dispensation of the Kingdom, also known as the Millennium.

In summary, I believe Daniel’s 70th week is the completion of the dispensation of Law, not a separate dispensation.