Another Gospel


In Galatians 1:6-7 Paul says if any man or an angel from heaven preached any other gospel than the one he preached (The Gospel of Grace) or (The Gospel in 1 Cor 15:1-4), let him be accursed. We know Paul was the Apostle to the gentiles. The only other gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom which was for the Jews. It seems that Paul is saying that the things that come out of the gospel of the kingdom should not be preached to the Church unless its in accord with what He preached. How do you see this ?


Paul was referring specifically to the Judaizers who followed him around preaching the need for Gentiles to convert to Judaism before becoming Christians. But there have been many different Gospels preached during the Church Age.

Every cult has its own version of the Gospel that begins with the truth and then twists it into something else. They either deny the deity of Jesus, or the doctrine of salvation by grace, or the existence of Hell or all three. In doing so, they have become different gospels. Some have come to man through the preaching of “angels” as Paul warned. Even the liberal Christian theology taught today in some main line churches constitutes a different gospel than the one Paul preached.