Another Great Awakening?


As I read through your teachings, “Seven Churches of Rev. 2 and 3,” you describe the letter to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia being indicative of a time in the recent past–a Church movement called, “The Great Awakening.” Presently, we are hearing a lot of preaching and teaching in the Word of Faith Movement calling for, and telling of, a 2nd Great Awakening or what the scriptures may refer to as the end time harvest. There are times when, in light of the “suddenly” of world events surrounding the nation of Israel, I wonder if this Great Awakening is set to happen pre-rapture or post-rapture. Could you share some insights you might have concerning this?

I could be mistaken, but, it seems that if it’s pre-rapture, then we know rapture time is post endtime harvest which we will recognize when we see it. If it’s post-rapture, then that’s another story altogether.


Those who adhere to the so-called “Kingdom Now” or “Dominion” theology believe the Church has to essentially take over the world before the Lord can come back. To try and make this false teaching come true, they keep talking about a giant revival in the last days. I’ve been hearing about this revival for over 20 years, but can’t find anything in the Bible to support it. I believe the Bible tells us the true Church will be come less powerful and less influential as the end of the age approaches. Paul spoke of this in 1 Tim 4:1-2 and 2 Tim 3:1-5, and the Lord confirmed it in Rev. 3:8.

In my opinion, any end times harvest before the rapture won’t involve the Western Church. But there is a mighty work of the Holy Spirit taking place just now in Africa, India and the Far East, something I think of as God’s “last call” before He takes the Church away.