Another Rapture Question


I understand where you get your logic from in defending the pre-trib rapture, but I have to ask how you can ignore, or explain, the multitude of Scriptures that speak otherwise? (Here the questioner lists a number of Old and New Testament passages.)


Without going into each reference in detail, I can see you have problems keeping verses in context. What I mean is that you’re taking verses that have specific application, such as to Israel, the Kingdom Age, the Disciples, etc and using them in a different way than the Bible intended.

For example your reference to John 17:15. In John 17:6-19 Jesus clearly identified the objects of His prayer as His disciples, who He did not ask His father to remove from the world. Then in verse 20 He expanded His prayer to include all believers, and in verse 24 spoke of taking us to where He was going, to Heaven. It’s a repeat of John 14:1-3. And 1 Cor. 10:11 is a warning to believers to avoid temptation. It has nothing to do with either the Rapture or 2nd Coming. The context of the passage is Paul’s admonition to go beyond salvation and live a victorious life.

God can’t lie, nor can He say one thing in one place and something else in another. So you can’t select verses at random to make the Bible say what you want. You have to keep them in context. Where two passages on the same topic seem to conflict, the rule is to use the clearest ones to help interpret those less clear.

The clearest passage on the Rapture is 1 Thes. 1:10. It plainly tells us that Jesus will rescue us from the coming wrath. If you look up the word “from” you’ll find that the Greek word Paul used refers to the time, the place, and any relation to the event. The Church will be rescued from the time (Tribulation) the place (Earth) and any relation to His wrath (judgment).