A Question About Pre-Trib


I have been studying prophecy for just over a year now, and I have a traditional pre-tribulation rapture perspective. However, there is one issue that makes me question whether I have the correct rapture position, and that is the language regarding the wrath of God.

I understand that “For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Thess. 5:9 could refer to wrath as in eternal hell OR the wrath mentioned in the Great Tribulation. I am assuming it relates to the wrath in the tribulation…if not, I know there are other passages which speak to the believer not enduring the wrath of the tribulation.

Anyway…I have not been COMPLETELY convinced that the wrath of God begins with the seals, because wrath/avenge/judgment are not mentioned until the 5th seal, Rev. 6:10 and then it seems to INTRODUCE the wrath of God only at Rev 6:16-17.

As you know, the first 4 seals have already been opened on the earth, but where does it mention that the seals are indeed included as a part of the wrath of God? I find many hints suggesting that they are included because the scriptures addressing seals say that the events unfolding from them were given/granted/empowered by God..and that they would affect the whole world (Rev 3:10)

Please help me either define the seals as the wrath of God or help me understand why they are not. Thank you so much!


It’s a mistake to base your rapture position on the strength of one or two verses. There are several better reasons to hold a pre-trib view than the arbitrary placement of the beginning of God’s Wrath.

Also, if the first four seals are already open that means the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and the destruction of Damascus are over, the Church is gone and Israel has come back to God, the anti-Christ has come in to view, Daniel’s 70th week has begun, as has construction on a Temple in Israel, much of the world is at war, pestilence and famine are rampant and 1/4 of the world’s remaining population has recently died. I don’t think so.

I suggest you expand the scope of your study to include more of the traditional and comprehensive defenses of the pre-trib position before deciding whether it’s the right one.