Why Another Temple? Follow Up


Re: Why Another Temple? I understand there will always be a temple for the Jewish people even during the Millennium. I don’t understand why, as Zola Levitt said, “Here come the Jews with that slaughterhouse religion of theirs”. Why do they need to sacrifice critters, whom I love, if they now have Jesus who gave the ultimate sacrifice? Can’t they have a temple and just honor Him? He clearly is the only way to salvation, not rites and rituals.


I know you also understand that animal sacrifice is not something that originated with the Jewish people. It is something that God has commanded. He required it of them in the past and will require it of them again in the future. Ezekiel devoted 7 chapters (Ezekiel 40-46) to explaining in great detail how to meet this requirement.

If it was just a cultural thing, you would have a point, but when it comes to God’s commandments it’s a different matter. Knowing the character of God, I’m comfortable believing He has a good reason for this. Perhaps it’s necessary for Him to be able to live among them again. But I’m just speculating. If you need a better answer than that, I’m afraid you are going to have to take it up with Him.