Pillars of the Temple Follow Up


If the church is supposed to reside in the New Jerusalem, then how can it also reign with Jesus on Earth? How can the church be leaders of the temple when the Jews will still be under the temple law during the Millennium? If we are at the temple, who is in the New Jerusalem?

Below is what you wrote when you responded to the question entitled “Pillars in the Temple.” I’ve also read “The Coming Temple” that you wrote which says that the Jews will be in Israel and the Church will be in the New Jerusalem. Can you clear up the confusion? Are we going to be in both places?

Rev. 3:12. Here’s the picture: during the Millennium the church will be kings and priests who reign with Jesus on earth. Isaiah 2:3 tells us that during that time the law will be the temple law. And we will be esteemed as leaders of the temple. Never leaving or forsaking its principles.”


Rev. 5:10 indicates we’ll reign on Earth, but from Rev. 21:27 it’s clear that we’ll live in the New Jerusalem.

Maybe we’ll be like historical kings of England who lived in London but ruled over places like Canada, Australia, India, and Hong Kong without actually being there.

And remember, the phrase “pillars in the temple” is a metaphor and is meant to show the esteem with which the church will be held by the people of earth.