Another Trinity Question


First I would like to thank you, I stumbled upon your website trying to find a verse in Matthew 7. I came across the article; Not everyone who says Lord, Lord. Not only did this message bring my husband and myself to tears but it has renewed our walks with Christ. I have a question concerning the Trinity.

I, a preachers child, grew up not realizing that there are people who deny the Trinity yet still profess their Christianity until I met my husband. He grew up a Jehovah’s Witness (left 13 years ago). He and I are continuously searching for our home church and this seems to be the one item he can’t get. I believe it to be from years of hearing the Witness take on the Trinity. Could you possibly shed some light on scripture for us to go over. Also, is the belief in the Trinity a contingency for his salvation?


The Trinity issue usually hinges upon whether a person believes Jesus is God. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is really the archangel Michael, a created being and not the Creator. However, Jesus claimed to be God in John 10:30 and John 14:9. John began his Gospel account by declaring the deity of Jesus (John 1:1). Paul confirmed this in Colossians 1:15-16 (where he said Jesus is the Creator) as did the writer of Hebrews (Hebr. 1:3) In fact he later quoted Psalm 45:6-7 where God Himself addressed His Son as God (Hebr. 1:8). The witness of Scripture is clear. There is one God who manifests Himself in 3 ways as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A theological case can be made that unless Jesus is God incarnate, He couldn’t have qualified to be our redeemer and His death would not have been sufficient to purchase our pardon. But the Bible doesn’t come right out and say you have to believe Jesus is God to be saved. It only says you have to believe He died for your sins.