Are Children Really Saved?


Most people believe that children before they reach the age of accountability will be saved. How does that belief square with the children that were destroyed in the flood and the children, along with the men and women, that God told the Israelites to kill in conquering the promised land?

And if it does, where in the Bible does it say so?


All the children you refer to who were caught up in the judgments upon their parents were taken immediately into the presence of God since they are His.

There’s plenty of Scriptural support for this. Matt. 18:10 says that children have guardian angels that report directly to God. In Romans 7:9 Paul said in effect that he had eternal life until he reached the age of accountability. He said that once he was alive apart from the law, and then the commandment came, sin sprang to life and he died. He obviously wasn’t talking about physical life because he didn’t die at the age of accountability.

Beside that, in Genesis 18:25 Abraham reminded God that it wasn’t his way to kill the righteous with the wicked, and Peter said that God knows how to rescue the righteous while holding the unrighteous for judgment.

If you know the character of God, you know that in the Eternal sense He always distinguishes between the innocent and the guilty, and, as these passages show, to Him children are innocent.