Are Children Saved Follow Up


Regarding the question: Are all Children Saved:

What if an unborn child , aborted fetus and little children that have not reached the age of accountability, what if their “parents” are not saved or Satanists or New Agers (any unbelievers)… I assume they will be saved too…

Do we have scripture for this or must one parent at least be saved?


Paul’s comment about the believing spouse making the children holy was not meant to contradict the Lord’s earlier claim that all children have guardian angels in constant contact with God.

Paul’s teaching was in the context of a marriage where one member of a pagan couple had become a believer, not a matter of Christians wanting to marry pagans. The new believers wanted to know if they should leave their unbelieving spouses. Paul said no, that the believer sanctified the unbelieving mate and their children. It was not meant to be taken as a requirement that at least one spouse had to be saved in order to save the children.

All children below the age of accountability are saved. Paul confirmed this in recalling his own childhood. (Romans 7:9)