Are God And Allah The Same?


While subbing in a Sunday School class a member declared that Allah and The God of the Bible were the same. He said that Muslims, Christians, and Jews worship the same God by other names. I know that Allah arises out of the pagan gods of Babylon but I need back-up proof when I challenge that statement. Can you help me once more?


According to Dr. Robert Morey, a Christian who has done extensive research and writing on the subject, when Mohammed converted Islam from a polytheistic to a monotheistic religion, he selected one of the 360 gods they worshiped and made him the one god of Islam. (Some say the one he selected was the Arabic moon god, Hubal, and that’s why there’s a crescent moon atop every mosque. Others say it was Bel, a god of Babylon)

The name Allah is a contraction of “al-ilah”, a phrase that simply means “the god”. It was a generic phrase in Arabic long before Mohammed came along that could originally be used of any one of Islam’s many gods, but since Islam became monotheistic, it now applies only to their one god. Through frequent use, it became shortened to Allah. A comparison of their attributes as described in the Koran (Allah) and the Bible (God) will show that the two can not be the same.