Are Mormons Really Saved? Follow Up


I love reading your articles. But regarding your answer to the question “Are Mormons really saved?” I would have to disagree. Besides the fact that Mormons believe in grace + works, they also have the wrong Jesus. They believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three separate distinct beings and that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, along with everyone of us! From 1 John, it seems that if you have the wrong understanding of Jesus, you do not have the Father either.


Having lived in and near Salt Lake City for 25 Years before entering the mission field, I have a good grasp of Mormon doctrine. I made mention of the Jesus issue in my answer, and I’ve also referred to it in other articles and answers on the site. But I also know that most Mormons don’t understand their own doctrine and many believe that the Jesus they worship is the Jesus of the Bible. The Lord judges us according to the motives of our hearts, so if we believe in the real Jesus and call upon His name then we’ll be saved (Romans 10: 13)

Many Evangelicals condemn all Mormons, Catholics, Jews, and Liberals because of these groups’ official doctrines, not realizing that the Lord has saved a remnant for Himself out of all of them. We rightly condemn the false doctrines of these groups but we’re not to issue broad brush judgments against the people, because we don’t know what’s in their hearts. Only the Lord knows that.

At some level the leaders of these religions know that what they’re teaching is contrary to Scripture and they’ll be judged accordingly. But I don’t believe that the Lord will condemn those among their followers who’ve discovered the real Jesus and followed Him in good faith.