Mormons In The Rapture?


Re: Catholic Christians. Follow Up. We totally disagree with you on this issue dealing with Mormons in the Rapture. It is scary to stand up for Jesus when your family and friends think otherwise, but every Christian is called to do just that. The Lord made it clear that if we denied Him because we were on the spot, here on earth, He would deny us before His Father in Heaven. This is not a case of judging others, merely repeating what our Lord himself has said.


May God grant you the strength to stand up for your beliefs in the face of such severe persecution as I’ve seen and heard of, should you ever have to. But until then you have no way of knowing how you’ll react. Peter swore he would die before denying the Lord (Mark 14:31) but a few hours later he denied Him 3 times. And yet the Lord did not deny Peter because He knew what was in Peter’s heart, just as He knows what’s in the hearts of people today.

So unless you’ve stood such a test of your faith, I would caution you against offering a critical assessment of others. What they really need is our prayers of support and encouragement.