Are Our Children Raptured With Us?


I have been a born again Christian for over 20 years. I have always believed in the rapture, and my studies lead me to a pre-tribulation view. While I hope everyday that it could happen “today’! I have two children ages 5 and 9 that I assume would be raptured along with us. Is there a scripture to support this view?


All children too young to understand the gospel and make an informed decision about their salvation automatically belong to the Lord and will go in the rapture (Matt. 18:10-11 and Romans 7:9). In Biblical times the legal age of accountability was 12-13 among the Jews and 14-18 among Greeks and Romans, but I don’t believe the New Testament established a specific age for Christian children. Your 9 year old especially may be intellectually mature enough to understand what the Lord did for him at the cross and choose to accept it as payment for his sins, but that’s a matter for you and perhaps your pastor to decide.