Will My Children Be Raptured with Me?


I was wondering if you could provide any Biblical basis to the idea children will be taken away during the rapture. I am saved, and have two sons, 6 and 7 years old. I truly believe we Christians will not be here to see the next presidential election due to the rapture occurring. I am concerned about my sons being left behind, and being unable to fend for themselves during the ensuing inevitable hell on Earth. I have heard others speak of a theory of children being taken to heaven along with adult believers, but I can not find anything about this in the Word. Any ideas? thank you in advance.


According to my understanding, the Bible says that all children under the age of accountability belong to the Lord (Romans 7:9). This doesn’t mean that children are sinless, just that their sins are not held against them. The age of accountability is thought to be the time when they are intellectually mature enough to understand the concept of sin and its consequences, and can make an informed decision about accepting the pardon Jesus purchased for them. Until they reach that point God does not hold children accountable for their sins and considers them qualified for the Rapture.

Since this can differ from child to child, it’s up to you to determine when your children are capable of understanding.