Are The Birth Pangs Happening Now?


In Matthew 24:3-14 Jesus is explaining to the disciples about the signs of the end times. He seems to be describing the final seven year period to them without actually saying it is the final seven years. But many of the things he is telling them are ramping up today; famines, earthquakes, wars, threats of wars, sin is rampant etc. My question is, is Jesus only referring to the final seven years or is this an explanation of moving towards the end times in general? Because we seem to be experiencing most of what he is telling them this very hour.


Some people believe that because the rapture is not mentioned in Matt. 24:3-14, Jesus must have only been referring to the 70th week, after the Church is gone. But I think it’s is an overview statement of the time between the ascension and the Great Tribulation, with the general signs He mentioned being characteristic of the entire age and getting progressively more frequent and more intense as the end draws near.

I believe the reason He didn’t mention the rapture is because He was speaking to the Jewish people about Israel and His 2nd Coming (Matt. 24:3). He didn’t say anything about the church at any time the throughout the entire discussion. So I agree with you. The things Jesus spoke about in Matt. 24:3-14 are happening now and are becoming a more obvious part of our life on Earth every day.