Are The Seals Of Rev. 6 Part Of God’s Wrath?


The little scroll in Revelation 5 has writing on both sides and 7 seals. The common interpretation is a scroll with writing on both sides is always a judgment of wrath. Let’s go with that. What about the seals? Do they have writing on both sides? The seals are made of wax. The scroll is made of parchment. The purpose of the seals is to keep the scroll from being read. The seals have no writing on them. The seals are not the scroll, they just keep the scroll from being read. If such is the case, then there is no reason why the seals can’t be judgments of God, but not wrath judgments.


The scroll symbolizes judgment and the seals prevent the scroll from being opened except by the right person at the right time (Rev. 5:4-5). The seals don’t have to have anything written on them because the opening of each seal reveals part of the judgment written in the scroll.

In Rev. 6:16-17 the kings of the Earth proclaim that the great day of wrath has come. They are referring to the wide spread wars, famine, pestilence and death that are part of the seal judgments. The language is in the past perfect tense indicating it (the wrath) has already begun. Lots of people have tried to deny that the seal judgments are part of God’s wrath, but Scripture not only doesn’t support their opinion, it contradicts their opinion.