Have The Seals Of Rev. 6 Been Broken?


Is it possible for the seals to be broken and the judgments in Revelations 6 begin before the start of the 70th week? Many things going on now appear to be from the early stages of the seal judgments. What do you think?


Since the Seals are sequential, in order to believe they’ve begun you’d have to believe the one who will become known as the anti-Christ is already on the scene. The famines, the wars in various places, and the near certainty of widespread higher prices and outright shortages indicate that we’re not far from these things coming to pass. But many, myself included, believe the Battles of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, the Rapture of the Church, and the beginning of the 70th Week have to precede the Seal judgments (but not necessarily in the order listed). It sounds like a lot, but theoretically all these things could still happen by the end of 2011. History shows that when God’s patience has been exhausted and He begins to move, He doesn’t waste any time.