Has The Breaking Of The 7 Seals Begun?

Q. Thank you for sharing the wisdom and knowledge the Lord has Blessed you with. I watched a TV documentary recently that investigated whether the breaking of the Seven Seals had begun. The documentary reviewed recent world events (natural disasters, famines, plagues and political/financial upheavals) to insinuate the seven year tribulation has begun. There is no question that our world is certainly in a time if despair, but there have been other times of despair before now. Can you share your thoughts on this question?

A. In order for the breaking of the 7 seals to have begun, Daniel’s 70th week would have to have begun. That means Israel would be back in covenant with God, and a peace treaty would have been negotiated allowing Israel to build its temple. The Battle of Ezekiel 38 would have been fought and won, and the Church would have been raptured.

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