Are There UFO’s In The Bible?


I feel silly asking you this question, but I just watched the UFO Files on tv, and they were presenting actual audio conversations between pilots of aircraft, both military and civil, and military flight control, who were reporting UFO encounters. Needless to say, the evidence was quite compelling. In your opinion, what is the nature of these phenomena? How do we reconcile this to the Bible?


There have been too many confirmed UFO encounters for authorities to dismiss them as the products of someone’s overactive imagination. To me that leaves only two possibilities. One is that they really are life forms from other planets, about which the Bible is silent,and the other is that they’re demonic manifestations. Some see hints of this second possibility in Bible verses like Daniel 2:43 (KJV) and parts of Revelation. I think it’s entirely possible that Satan has been developing a race of hybrids similar to the Nephilim of Geneses 6 in preparation for his end times stand against the Lord for control of Planet Earth.