Are They Secure If They Don’t Believe It?


I was saved in a church that taught the doctrine of Eternal Security. After a few years I moved to another city where I attended a church that seemed to be gospel centered but I discovered they are part of a denomination that believes we can lose our salvation. When I questioned this belief I was told that verses like John 3: 16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 8:38-39 and others don’t mean our salvation is guaranteed. During the conversation the pastor also told me he was taught not to accept the prophecies of Revelation because they are only allegorical. When I asked about Daniel, Isaiah, and other prophesies concerning rapture, tribulation, and the millennium, he said these were also considered to be allegorical since they are to come in the future.

I stopped going there, but later I wondered if the saved people there are secure because they’re constantly being told they’re not. I also wondered how the pastors of that denomination can have a true relationship with Jesus Christ when they don’t accept Him and His Word totally as written?


Eternal security is like gravity. It works whether we believe in it or not. As long as we trust exclusively in the Lord’s death as payment for our sins we are saved forever. As for teachers, assuming they are saved, James said they will be held to a stricter standard when they stand before the Lord (James 3:1) They run the risk of losing all their rewards and may enter the Kingdom as one escaping through the flames (1 Cor 3:10-15) with nothing to show for a life of service.

In Rev. 22:18-19 John promised dire consequences for anyone who adds to or takes away from the prophecies of Revelation. By the nature of these consequences, it appears that failure to accept the book of Revelation as written is a sign of unbelief, because elsewhere in the New Testament we learn that such punishment can never be visited upon a born again believer.