Knowing Why You Believe


I have been a Christian for a long time and have always believed in Jesus Christ, however, as of late, I realized that I didn’t understand why I believed what I believed, so I set out on a quest. I wanted to understand why others from different faiths believed what they believed about God. This quest brought me to a finding that I have a question about. It would appear that Hinduism predates Judaism. I also found that Krishna has a very similar story as Jesus. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in Jesus, I was just hoping for an explanation for my findings. Again, I am a firm believer, but I guess I am on a quest of reassurance. I wish I had more faith so I didn’t doubt all the time. It really isn’t that I doubt what I believe, I just want answers to back it up. Do you think this is wrong to have a lack of faith like this? To question things all the time like I do?


It sounds to me like you don’t know why you should believe the Bible and so you’re looking for indicators that it might not be true. But think about it. How could Hinduism predate Judaism? Judaism had its beginnings in the Garden of Eden when there were only 2 people on Earth. If you want to be certain that the Bible is true, study the thousands of fulfilled prophecies it contains. That’s the method of proof the Lord provided (Isaiah 46:8-10, 48:3-5, etc.).

It’s easy to prove these things weren’t added later if you just do a little homework. For example, take the prophecies of the first coming. They’re all in the Old Testament and were part of the public record hundreds of years before the Lord was born. No other “holy” book can authenticate itself like the Bible does.