Are We Related To Adam Or Noah?


I wondered if you could clear up a question which I have. First, after Noah’s flood, did Noah and his wife re-populate the earth, meaning that we did not come from Adam and Eve, but Noah and his wife.


All humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, including Noah, his sons, their wives, and everybody since. There’s no indication that Noah had any more children after the flood, so it was Noah’s three sons and their wives who actually began the re-populating process. That means we’re all related to one of them. Noah’s son Japeth is the father of the Caucasian races of Europe and western Asia, Ham is the father of the Africans (including Egypt) and the other Asian races, and Shem is the father of the Jews and Arabs.

You can find a listing of the first 70 descendants of these 3 sons of Noah in Genesis 10. Then the line of Shem continues to Abraham in Genesis 11:10-32.